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Sine Edge - About Us

SineEdge provides customized business solutions & services to clients in the Financial Services space, Start-Up Entrepreneurs, SMEs & Real estate.

We are a team of senior professionals, who have successfully delivered a large number of diverse & quality projects for our clients. We have been in the consulting & service execution space since 2009. We have undertaken and completed projects in the areas of Due Diligence, Business Process Re-engineering, Business Planning & Research, Data analytics, Portfolio Valuation, Securitization, Policy & Process Design, Functional Support in IT implementation, Back-office process management, Quality Assurance, Process Audits, Basic & Advanced trainings in Retail Finance and others.

The experts in our team, individually come with over 20 years of professional corporate experience in diverse sectors. These include Financial services, Manufacturing, Rural Management, Auditing and Education with both Indian and Multinational companies. Our experts have managed large teams and worked on diverse and challenging assignments having tight deadlines and resource constraints. We therefore appreciate the need to effectively manage available resources and provide value for money to our clients.

We provide services to a diverse set of clients who operate in the domains of Financial Services, Start-Up Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium Businesses, Educational Institutions and Real Estate. In the financial services space we work with Banks, Non-Banking Finance Companies (NBFC), Housing Finance Companies (HFC) and Micro Finance Institutions (MFIs). We have also provided services to Private Equity firms in conducting business due-diligence for their investment decisions and other Multinational consulting firms as domain experts in different projects.

Every assignment we undertake is conceptualized, structured and executed under close supervision of directors of SineEdge. We also do projects which involve voluminous activity such as file due diligence, data capture, process and portfolio audits, and discreet valuations across multiple locations etc. We have the right infrastructure and the required network of Associates to carry out not just voluminous assignments, but also projects in multiple locations simultaneously. Where we use our Associates, we ensure that the staff of our Associates is specially trained by us for the nature of work and quality of output that we require for our clients.

Our approach to every assignment, is built on our experience and learnings from our earlier corporate experience and consulting projects executed under SineEdge. When we start working on any project, we start with a fresh drawing board, detail the steps required meticulously and build the framework from scratch. We use our past learnings and expertise to make each new project creative. We try to execute every new project in a manner that it is better than similar work that we would have done in the past.

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