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Our Services

Take your time to browse through the wide range of services that we offer, customized to specific needs of our clients. If the service you are looking for is not listed here, please do leave your contact details on the contact page. We will revert to you quickly.

Are you in the Banking & Financial Services space?

BFSI has always been an exciting field where challenges and problems never abate. Every functional area – be it Business Development, Risk Management, Underwriting, Loan Portfolio Performance, Operations, Data Maintenance, Data Analytics, Process streamlining, IT System performance, Audit observations, People skill development or any other – has its unique position and importance in the organization’s performance. If you solve a problem in one functional area, another one is ready to pop up thereby ensuring that there is never a dull moment. Despite all the meticulous planning that is done, things do go wrong. It is undeniable that the best of organizations and brands crumble on the face of uncertainty.

And when uncertainty strikes, process get shaken, policies go haywire, portfolio performance could take a hit, MIS reports get muddled, people lose their focus, costs could start mounting or any of the other distractions could occur that obstruct the organization from conducting its business with a forward focus. There would always be a challenge in getting the regular staff to take time from their day to day working activities to attend to special challenges or to work on new initiatives.

This is where SineEdge comes in. We let you focus and improve your BAU efficiencies. We help you continue working forward towards your planned topline and bottomline numbers, while we take care of identification and resolution of the ubiquitous disturbances to your BAU.

So, try answering the questions below:

• Do you feel that your processes have suddenly lost their sheen?
• Are they draining your resources in terms of time and cost?
• Are they are not helping the business as much as you had planned?
• Do you feel that your competitor has introduced significant service differentiators?
• Is your loan portfolio going out of hand?
• Despite a large business book you have, you do not know what is happening inside the portfolio. Do you have all your customer data completely in control?
• Are you sure that the MIS reports that are prepared manually or through the systems, reflecting the correct picture?
• Is the customer evaluation and loan sanction process that you have implemented in the organization, giving correct and consistent results across every branch / location of your organization?
• You have skilled staff. But have you ever carried out a critical analysis of your rejects? Are you rejecting good business? And on the other side, is every business that you approve of in line with the risk that is envisaged by the key stakeholders for the organization? Will the risk that is taken, give the desired result in terms of topline and bottomline?
• Are you an investor interested in reviewing opportunities in Banking and Financial Services domain? Are you in need of help in carrying out the due diligence for an identified target?

To get answers to all these and many other similar questions, call us to engage with you as your business growth partners. Our expertise and in-depth understanding of issues would not just give you the right perspective about the problem, but also the right resolution.

To get your thinking started, we give below some areas that we work on. Call us today to discuss a viable approach to tackling the issue:

Products and Strategy:

Secured & Unsecured Loan Products | Product Policies & Processes | Risk Management | Due Diligence | Back office Operations Support | Financial Modeling | Portfolio Valuation | Data Analytics | Quality Assurance | Mortgages |Business Planning | Structuring, Designing & Implementation of Credit Assessment Tools

Process and Execution:

Process Audits | Concurrent Audits | System Audits | Data Capture & Maintenance | Detailed Management Information Decks| Management Dashboards | Data Migration | System UAT | Designing functional Specifications for IT systems | Geo-Tagging of properties | Data Enrichment | Data Cleansing | Data Maintenance Strategy

Training and Skill development

Banking Fundamentals | Financial Products | Risk Management | Customer Evaluation Methods| Accounting | Financial Management | Property Assessment | Preparing a Business Plan| Customer Interaction| Vendor Training Modules| Leadership | Team Management | MS Excel | Presentation Skills

Get in touch with SineEdge today to see how we can help you.

Are you a Start-up Entrepreneur?

Congratulations on your choice to be an entrepreneur. Yes. The decision deserves to be congratulated and we understand how special this decision is for you. We do have good understanding of the challenges and constraints start-ups operate under. And we can provide you just the kind of support that you need in various areas. Consider the following pointers:

• You have a great business idea. But do you have an equally great business and financial plan ready? Is your idea translated into realistic financial topline and bottom line projections over the foreseeable future?
• You have a certain expertise. And you only have limited time. So are you getting bogged down by activities that are not your areas of core competence such as accounting, data maintenance, data analytics etc.?
• We operate in a dynamic environment. Is your business idea backed up by sufficient research on what is already available in that space? Have you built that into your pitch for fund-raising?
• Is your investor pitch crisp, focused and persuasive enough? While the investors may have all the finances to help you with, many of them have limited span of attention. It is important to lock their attention right in the first slide. Is your first slide powerful enough?

Here is some useful information on start-ups : (Top two reasons for failures of Start-ups)

- 46% of failures in start-ups is due to incompetence including improper pricing, improper financial planning, inadequate record keeping, lack of planning, and no knowledge of financing.
- 30% of failures in start-ups is due to lack of managerial experience. You may be technically good, but you need to manage your business well as well.

Get in touch with SineEdge today to see how we can help you. Our specialized services for start-ups include,

Financial Planning | Building Projected Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet & Cash Flows | Professional Business Plans | Accounting Services | Assistance with the Investor Pitch | Feasibility Study | Research | Data Management and MIS

Are you a small or medium business enterprise? (SMEs)

As an SME you are looking at growing and moving into the bigger league. Many SMEs start well, reach a certain phase where they are faced with the challenge of stagnation in turnover, productivity and increasing costs.
Consider some of the pointers given below:

• Are you one of those business owners who keeps everything to yourself? Are you able to build trust in your processes and people?
• Are your processes well streamlined and cost effective? Please note that a well-designed process by itself can enhance the overall productivity by 30%.
• Are your people doing what they are good at? Or are you making them do what you believe they should do? Unless you have the right people for the right job, you would not be using this critical aspect of your business effectively. A motivated team gives you a higher productivity of upto 20% without you requiring to invest any additional money in them.
• Are you generating business reports regularly and analyzing as to what is happening within your business? A good MIS deck, produced and reviewed regularly could be a catalyst bringing you unimaginable efficiencies in your business.
• Have you considered outsourcing any of the non-core functions of your business? Outsourcing can be a good way to improve efficiencies and reducing costs.

Get in touch with SineEdge today to see how we can help you. Our specialized services for SMEs include,

Business & Process Review and re-engineering | Industry Research & Updates | Process Audits | Accounting Services | Employee Training & Skill Development | MIS & Data analytics.

Are you interested in Real Estate?

SineEdge team has years of experience in the mortgages and real estate industry, having seen the progression of the Real Estate market at close quarters across the country. It is a field that never fails to surprise. Projects come up, reach a stage of full-completion and then are declared illegal or non-compliant with any of the innumerable statutory rules. While many builders are upfront with all the details of the projects, one needs to be wary of those who do not disclose everything. The investors and the buyers are the people who suffer the most.

• Are you an investor looking at investing in any real estate project? Do you need help with the due diligence of the project and the builder?
• Are you a developer looking to get your processes and customer data in shape so that you have control over the different projects?

Get in touch with SineEdge today to see how we can help you. Our specialized services for Real Estate include,

Project valuations | Case preparation for project funding | MIS & Data analytics | Project approval by Financiers| Project due diligence.