Projects Executed


“I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.” – Steve Jobs

Absolutely. The above quote from Steve Jobs, drives us forward. So we do not brood over our own work already done, all the time. We look forward to the next wonderful thing we can do. But the prospective clients would be interested to know as to what are the projects we have completed so far. So here it is….a sample of projects we have completed. We do hope you find this useful.


Portfolio Due diligence – Retail mortgage portfolio – Extensive due diligence projects involving review of a large volume of files for credit underwriting checks, system data checks, KYC checks, statement of account checks and property appraisal checks carried out for different clients. The volume of files in different assignments ranged from ~400 to ~3500 files for each project. 6 assignments completed| comprehensive evaluation of files & documentation for more than 25000 borrowers

Portfolio Due diligence – High value Builder Loans portfolio – Carried out a comprehensive due diligence of the builder loans portfolio (100% files) for a reputed housing finance company. ~130 builder loans reviewed | ~ INR 3.6 Billion worth of portfolio

Portfolio Valuations – We have valued large loan portfolios for our clients to facilitate their decisions regarding acquisition of those portfolios. We have proprietary portfolio valuation model that incorporates, analysis of delinquency strings, building flow rates, resolution rates, static pool analysis, future amortization of the pool incorporating the impact of prepayments, cheque bounce analysis and other necessary analytical models to arrive at a scientific ‘Fair Value’ of the pool. Multiple portfolio valuation projects done | Portfolio worth INR 54 Billion valued through our proprietary valuation models

Business Due diligence – Comprehensive financial, business processes and systems due diligence of a Housing Finance Company and an NBFC for our client who was a PE group based out of Hong Kong.


Business Process Re-engineering – For a leading Housing Finance Company, we designed product policies, legal documentation, process, MIS, eligibility calculation tools, operational formats and operating model for the business. In another assignment, carried out a BPR project for a national level distributor of retail loans that has tie ups with over 20 financiers. Two long-term projects of approximately 18 months each.

Operational reviews and audits – Review of approved, disbursed and delinquent files to identify the extent of adherence to processes, policies, nature of risk underwritten, deviations taken in a file, whether necessary approvals are in place and so on. These were intense file review and audit assignments. Completed 10 assignments that include Branch reviews, Policy & Process implementation audits, Post approval reviews and property valuation audits.

Managing the back-office on a retainership basis – Our client is a national level distributor for retail loans. This assignment involves activities such as design and implementation of processes and formats to ensure effective ‘gate-keeping’ – completion of files for smooth submission and processing at financier’s shop, structuring internal MIS for daily status reporting and management reporting, productivity measurements and, training and handholding of the staff to ensure that they internalize the learning.

Designing product polices / processes and implementation – Based on a detailed review and understanding of client’s business plan, target customer segments, capital infusion plans and operating model, we design appropriate policies, processes, eligibility calculation tools, data capture templates, risk profiling tools, formats etc. for use by different teams. We train the teams in understanding the entire deck and assist the client in implementation. 3 assignments out of which 2 have been completed and 1 is ongoing for a proposed new NBFC.

Market Study and Research - For very specific requirements, we have undertaken in-depth market studies of various products and services to present to our clients the extant market situation for their area of interest.  This could involve competition landscaping, studying market practices, analysis and comparison across different practices, suggesting the right process / product combinations for our clients and various other related services. These services help the client correctly position its products and services in the market.


Development of Customer evaluation models – Designed different types of evaluation models, for our clients. Each model has been tailored for our clients’ targeted customer segments. These are comprehensive evaluation models, that analyze qualitative and quantitative information, risk-profiles the customer and gives a Risk Rating of the customer.

Data Analytics – Several assignments for our clients have been completed. These involved analysis of large databases consisting of static & dynamic data. As an ongoing project, we also prepare daily and monthly dashboards, MIS decks and revenue, cost & profitability MIS modules for Top Management & Senior Management for one of our clients.

Data review and capture – We have executed multiple projects involving various levels of complexities in reviewing the data at the physical documents and then capturing them in soft copies (pre-structured excel formats). Such assignments have been done in such a manner that we had to collect data from multiple locations at the same time and then consolidate so as to assist the clients in being able to use that data purposefully for their business. Completed 4 projects covering more than 20000 individual accounts.


Content Writing - We have a content writing practice in which we assist the client in developing, structuring, writing, reviewing and proof-reading of content in their different collaterals and publications.  We have executed comprehensive assignments wherein we have written content for

- Annual Reports of our clients

- SEO rich website contents

- Content for press publications / press release / articles / interviews etc.

Blogs and Knowledge Centre articles – We maintain blog pages and knowledge centre pages for our clients in their websites, by adding relevant articles on a regular basis.


Training Assignments Done - More than 500 training sessions conducted. Average headcount per session has been ~ 25 Participants covered. We have done training for various levels of participants – Entry level management trainees to senior management.  We have conducted both functional training and soft skills training for our participants.

E-learning Modules Developed – For a large HFC, we have developed comprehensive content for E-learning modules that the client required for training of their staff. These modules are designed with high-quality user-friendly content, walking the learner through them in an absolutely organised manner, with the sole aim of ensuring that at the end of the training through the E-learning module, the staff has a good grip on the subject.


So the above are some of the key projects we have done. Contact us today for your specific requirement.